Does Obama Really Follow Justin Bieber on Twitter?

Hmm, I Wonder Who Obama Follows On Twitter-Justin Bieber Maybe?

Yesterday we ran a story about how you could follow the Whitehouse and Obama on Twitter. Today we’re going to take that one step further. Did you ever wonder who Obama follows on Twitter? You would think that would be a good list to get on. Well, as you’d expect, he follows groups like the IRS, the U.S. Embassy, the Secretary of the Navy, the Army, Veteran Affairs. But there are also a few individuals he follows. Like who?

Well, as you would expect, he Obama follows his right hand man Press Secretary Bobby Gibbs. I still don’t get why people call him Robert Gibbs because he definitely strikes me as a Bobby. He also follows a guy by the name of BillBurton44 who is some sort of deputy secretary that likes to get on John McCain for not being more fluent with computers. Reading Burton’s tweets was kind of like watching paint dry so I wouldn’t recommend following him. However, something on his Twitter account said it was an official Whitehouse Twitter page and as such, the tweets could be officially archived. So that might be kind of cool if you could get one of your tweets officially archived. Wait, doesn’t Google archive all your information anyway? Oh well…

And if that isn’t weird enough, he also follows KateatState i.e. Kate Jacobs Stanton. Exactly, that’s what I was thinking–who is she? Well, get this–she used to work for Google as a moderator, whatever that is–yes you read that correctly. Obama appointed her to a newly created position–one of those 4 million jobs created–of Director of Citizen Participation. What, are your serious? Are you kidding me? I’m betting she makes over 6 figures a year and I’m not sure that’s the best use of taxpayer money. Actually, don’t worry about your tax dollars being wasted here. Katie is busy tweeting about important political stuff like Maddow attending bar at the Washing correspondent get together after party termed “nedrprom”. Do I detect a secret crush here? I know aman crush is a bromance–what’s a woman crush–a worance? That kinda sounds like Scooby Doo–but I digress. Katie Stanton was so busy doing her new government job tweeting all day long she forgot to attend her son’s play at school–imagine that. Twitter followers were asked if she should buy him ice cream or Bakugan (video game). Yah, that’s a no brainer. She further mused that missing the play was OK if she could get Justin Bieber’s autograph at the nerdprom–I’m seriously not kidding here–these are your hard-earned tax dollars at work.

So while originally I planned on just writing about Whitehouse followers, this whole nerdprom thing has me a little upset. Among the invitees to nerprom were Jon Bon Jovi and Jay Leno as well as the aforementioned teen throb Justin Bieber. At this point now, I don’t think anything would surprise me. You have to give Obama credit though, he is definitely catering to pop stars and Hollywood. He knows that by getting their support, you get the support of the masses that follow them.

I just hope the next time we come under terrorist attack that the counsel of such wise strategists like Leno and Bieber will prove to have been productive.

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It’s Your Turn To Grade Obama

What Grade Would You Give Obama?

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Everyone likes to criticize and play armchair President, so here’s your chance to be the teacher and grade the President. On a scale of A-F, what grade would you give Obama overall? Vote then view the results.

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Do Jews Have A Death Wish? Ahmadinejad To UN: Holocaust Never Happened

Are you kidding me? Do the Jews have a death wish? How can Ahmadinejad get up in front of the United Nations, deny that the holocaust ever happened, and there is absolutely no response from the Jewish community?

Isn’t that how it all started with Germany? Like lambs, they were led silently to the slaughter? Isn’t Israel’s role to be proactive and stop things like this from happening?

Netanyahu did get up and talk about the relatives he lost–but where is the rebuke?

Why are tens of thousands American Jews not on the streets of New York vehemently protesting? Ahmadinejad has already stated he wouldn’t mind wiping Israel off the planet. Isn’t this just another smack to the collective face of the Jews?

The media almost laughs it off–like, oh, Ahmadinejad, he’s so funny. Newsflash people, millions of Jews died in the holocaust. If Ahmadinejad is so delirious and high on crack that he is able to deny the holocaust with a straight face, then why is ANYONE, Obama included, giving him the time of day?

How bout the U.S. wipes Iran off the face of the planet and then claims there was always only a desert there anyway. Whoops. Sawwy bout your luck Iran. Me have slippery fingers. Me drop nuke on your country and it go boom.

So Obama is trying to take the high road. There’s the high road and then the lunatic road. Are we going to sit with our legs crossed and hands folded in our lap and next be told that we never landed on the moon?

Oh, and here’s some cherry kool-aid. Drink up boys and girls.  It will make you feel better.

So I guess Obama’s strategy is to listen to Ahmadinejad, and be like, yah yah yah, I hear yah. Now could you please hand over those nukes? And then Ahmadinejad politetly hands over the nukes. Then Russia disarms, then we disarm, oh yah, and so does China. Is that how this plays out?

Or, Ahmadinejad tells Obama: “Watch the little birdie.” Then BOOM, Israel gets blasted.

Netanyahu had a tone in his voice like he didn’t have any friends at the UN. I thought the U.S. was his ally.

But Obama didn’t even rebuke Ahmadinejad. Aww, Ahmadinejad having a bad day, come cry on Barack’s shoulder. There there now, does that feel better? Poor wittle baby…nobody wikes wittle Iran and their mean wittle nukes and terrorists. Baracky will make it all feel better.

Hey, Israel isn’t my home land. If the Jews want to sit home, praise Barack, and count their money, that’s on them.

But if I were Jewish, I’d be ticked. Big time.

Evidently Barack Obama Calls Kanye West “Jackass”

Obama Calls Kanye West a “Jackass”: “

Did President Obama call Kanye West a “jackass”? It would appear that he certainly did, when asked about Sunday night’s incident at MTV’s Video Music Awards in an off-the-record interview.

The interview was apparently conducted by CNBC, but the revealing tweet came from ABC’s Terry Moran, and read “Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a “jackass” for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential.”

The tweet was quickly deleted, but much like Google, which caches web pages, Twitter search does not immediately remove deleted tweets, so Moran’s remark is still visible.

ABC has since apologized for the incident in a statement obtained by Politico, but the story could turn into an important one when it comes to Twittering White House reporters. While as far as off-the-record Presidential comments go this one is rather insignificant, the leak sets a very bad precedent. Expect to hear more about this incident in coming days.

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ISP’s Want To Lower Definition Of Broadband To Gain Access To Obama Government Stimulus Money

MG Explains Why ISPs Want To Lower The Definition Of Broadband: “

What’s the deal with Comcast, Verizon, and other ISPs petitioning the FCC to lower the definition of broadband? It’s all about money—broadband stimulus money—MG Siegler explains on G4’s Attack of the Show.

As the Obama administration looks to expand broadband access to rural and urban areas that are still under-served, the ISPs want to lower what constitutes broadband so that they can get some of the billions of dollars in stimulus money without shelling out as much to actually deliver the broadband access the stimulus package is designed to create.

Those phone and cable companies are tricky. Watch the video above.

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Twitter Allows Spam By Oprah, Obama, CNBC, Ellen, Miley, CNN, NBC

     Didn’t anyone see the show where Ashton Kutcher went on Larry King on CNN and whipped his butt by getting to 1 million Twitter followers first? So then Kutcher obviously has more clout and authority,or popularity, but why are there so many CNN news feeds or Twitter screen names then? What’s up with that? Doesn’t that mean CNN is spamming Twitter? Kutcher proved no one cares about archaic CNN by beating Larry’s scrawny frame on national TV. Yet Twitter allows CNN to have dozens of news feeds. Aren’t all those screen names with all those lame feeds about whatever CNN considers news..isn’t that just Spam then? I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, then dude, don’t follow CNN. That’s fine, but why doesn’t Twitter cancel their lame, “so-called news” Twitter accounts? 

     Isn’t it apparent that no one under the age of 40 watches CNN? Not that age has anything to do with it. But I thought spam needed to be relevant, add value, not be repetitive. Even if I don’t have to follow CNN, their idiotic coverage drains Twitter resources and creates noise for more relevant issues. If you think news on stations like CNN, NBC, CBS, etc., is fresh, new, and unrepetitive, then let me help you get out from under that rock you’ve been living under. The same goes for all those other news stations, Miley-posers, and Ashton Kutcher wannabes that setup fan pages or whatever it is people setup that try to ride the coattails of others.

   I know Twitter has taken out their can of whoop-butt and cancelled or suspended accounts recently. But, well, I won’t even go into their customer service because it’s non-existent. My point is, if you’re going to cancel small Mom and Pop Twitter spammers, then cancel the big boys too. I don’t need CNN Breaking News, CNN Regional, CNN Political, blah blah blah. Why aren’t they confined to one Twitter account? Isn’t that what you expect from Kutcher? Should he be allowed to setup 10-20 spam accounts?    

     So what can you do other than not care? There are way more little guys than big ones. If the little guys take the time to mark all the repetitive news crap as spam, maybe the sheer volume will cause Twitter to consider leveling the playing field. It’s like what happens in Washington DC everyday– the man gives it to the little guys everyday. Even though I thought it was goofy at the time, looking back on it, I think Kutcher made a good point. When the little guy gets tired of getting pushed around enough, once he decides and determines to, he can affect change. Then he will either affect change constructively or destructively. Hopefully he is creative and patient enough to do it constructively. But, given enough frustration, and one two many stressors, like dealing with lame, non-existent customer service departments, who knows what might happen if he goes off? You really wouldn’t want to be anywhere near then…

Barack Obama Holds First Beer Summit With Henry Louis Gates At Whitehouse

In perhaps the first of it’s kind, Barack Obama will host the first beer summit at the Whitehouse. Don’t hold your breath waiting for your invitation, only Henry Gates and the Cambridge police officer that arrested him are invited. But, what beer will they be drinking?

According to the Whitehouse and CNN, Obama will be drinking Bud Light, the police officer will have Blue Moon, and Red Stripe for Gates. However, some local state representatives urged the president not to drink Budweiser as it’s owned by a Belgian company. They were also discouraged from serving Miller or Coors which are owned by UK companies. 

Instead, locals have suggested the Boston, U.S. owned Sam Adams be served. When asked, Sam Adams founder Jim Koch stated that he would be delighted to serve his beer there. In fact, he even offered to brew a special beer just for the get together.

So what do you think? Sam Adams or Bud Light???