Tiger Woods to Jesse James: “Thank You!” Maybe Sandra Bullock Can Borrow One of Tiger’s Clubs to Pound Michelle McGee…

If Tiger Woods bumped into Jesse James, surely the first words out of his mouth would be “Thank you.” Woods, the worldwide known professional golfer, has had the unwanted national media spotlight on him lately for his self-professed unfaithful encounters with various women over the years. Although not all the details are known, Jesse James, a self-made custom motorcycle maker turned Hollywood superstar, may be best known for his marriage to the famous Sandra Bullock.

My question to Jesse James is: “What the heck were you thinking’ boy?” If Sandra Bullock isn’t one of the most classically beautiful women in Hollywood, then I must be half woman. Although details have not yet surfaced, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is rumored to have stripped for James. Whether or not things went further is anyone’s guess, but with a wife like Bullock, why in the world would he even take that chance?

Sandra is reported to have left the home, so one is led to believe that more may have transpired between James and “Bombshell.” If you google a photo of her, you can see why James may have been attracted; they both have a penchant for tattoos–a lot of them. Jesse seems like a nice guy on TV despite his tattoos and if all McGee did was show a little skin, then I hope James gets another shot with the ravishing and sophisticated Bullock. If things went any further though, then Jesse either needs to check into the nearest insane asylum, drive his custom chopper off a cliff, or both.

Drama Builds in ‘When Will Tiger Woods Return?’ Soap Opera

Drama Builds in ‘When Will Tiger Woods Return?’ Soap Opera

by Mick Elliott

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Tiger WoodsDORAL, Fla. — If you were not already suffering from Tiger Woods overload, worn out by excessive speculation supported by hardly a shred of fact, then the last 24 hours more than likely changed that.

The annoyance level reached new heights Friday with dueling news stories reporting Woods’ plans for returning to golf, both quoting unnamed sources and each contradicting the other.

One report has the sex-scandal plagued golfer making his comeback at theArnold Palmer Invitational, scheduled for March 25-28 at the Bay Hill Lodge and Club in Orlando, Fla. The other says Woods will return at Augusta National for the Masters, the year’s first major championship, in early April.

"Just wait and see," suggested Vijay Singh, playing at this week’s CA Championship, a World Golf Championship with an elite international field that, it has been pointed out all week, is missing Tiger Woods.

Although logical, Singh’s advice is destined to go unheeded.

Tiger Wood’s Facebook Fan Page Surpasses 1 Million

Tiger Woods Pulls In More Than 1 Million Facebook Fans: “

tigerTiger Woods is the most recognizable name in golf, and the 14 time major winner is expanding his widespread brand appeal to Facebook. This week, Tiger topped more than 1 million fans on his Facebook Page, becoming the first golfer ever to do so. Although Tiger has only posted a few updates to his Page relative to other athletes and celebrities, that hasn’t stopped fans from flocking to the page and leaving comments at a steady clip.

The success of the Page can easily be attributed to Tiger’s already huge fan base, but there are a few things that Tiger is also doing right. There are no huge ads or blatant attempts to push any of the many products that Tiger endorses, with the only real money-driven content being a link to donate to the Tiger Woods Foundation. And the content Tiger has shared is honest and personal, with a few photo albums of pictures taken with fans, Tiger’s family and even one with Diddy.


Given the fact the this page has done so well with so little content, there is the potential for Tiger’s page to become one of the most popular athlete Fan pages on Facebook if Tiger were to post more. Both Shaquille O’Neal and Lance Armstrong saw their fan numbers rise when they began investing more time on their Facebook Pages, including personal message written by the athletes themselves. Shaq and Lance both promote their own brands fairly aggressively on their respective pages, and sometimes it seems as though Shaq will promote anything.