USA Track & Field Men’s & Women’s 4×100 Meter Choke And Embarrass Again At World Championships In Berlin

     One year after a botched 400 relay at the Olympics in China last year, both the men and women’s team managed to disqualify themselves once again at the World Championships in track & field in Berlin. The men passed the baton out of the excahnge zone and made an appeal but to no avail. Perhaps they should have practiced more.

     Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, chief of sport performance for USATF, said the men were as prepared as possible. However, their performance seems to indicate otherwise. How do you get disqualified at both the Olympics and World Championships back to back? Are you kidding me Benita? Surely there are going to be questions and people are going to be held accountable, right? How much more embarrassing can it get? Aren’t hand-offs something you start practicing in middle school? What other kind of excuses can they think of? Why not just admit that they choked and screwed up?  How in the world could Mosley claim they were as prepared as possible? The men couldn’t even get the baton exchanged in the zones all the way around the track. And this happens after the huge boff at the Olympics last year. Maybe the coaches at USATF should try NOT coaching–or perhaps they already are–because if they are coaching, it sure doesn’t seem to be working. What a joke!!!!!

     Evidently the women felt sorry for the men. Because sure enough, the women’s 400 meter relay team wasn’t able to get the baton around the track either. All the reports say Muna Lee pulled a hamstring… or something like that. But it is clearly obvious, before she pulled anything, the women botched the handoff on the second exchange. Afterwards, the other 3 runners had her back, exclaimed they had great chemistry, and hoped Muna would be ok. While they kept a good attitude, they must have felt like they didn’t need to explain or be held accountable for yet another botched exchange. They seemed to want to blame Lee’s hamstring pull–not the fact that they couldn’t get the baton to her and the runner behind her practically stepped on top of her. Maybe they should care less about how they look and more about their performance. 

     What used to once be an event the Americans owned, has now become an event that the Americans continue to bring embarrassment and disappointment in. Sure there have been other golds and accomplishments, but Mosley, for pete’s sake, at least get the batons around the track. I’m not sure how much more embarrassment the U.S. can take.

(Photo) South African Caster Semenya To Undergo Gender Test: Is She Male Or Female? Does Race Have Anything To Do With It?


Caster Semenya of South Africa

Caster Semenya of South Africa


     Congratulations Caster Semenya, you just won the world title in the 800 meters! Now we want you to submit to a gender test.  Do you think it might have anything to do with her race? Where the heck is Al Sharpton?

     Just one day after winning the finals of the 800 meters with a time of 1:55.45, beating a world class field by more than 2 seconds, the powers that be in track & field are asking her home country of South Africa to test her for her gender. Now, I’m just wondering, if she were white, would this be happening?

     While this may seem strange, this has happened before, and rather recently. In 2006, in the Asian games, an Indian 800 runner was stripped of her medal after she failed a gender test. It also happened again in the 1932 Olympics when a Polish runner in the 100 meters had her medal recalled.

     Now this begs the question, what exactly happens in a gender test? Well, I guess they check out their genitalia. What happens if (and it has happened) the genitalia is ambiguous? Yah, that could be a bit awkward. Well they also test hormone levels. So what if her adrenal glands produce too much testosterone hormone? Now we have a problem, Houston.

     So what exactly defines one as being female? What if her genitalia is normal but her testosterone level is too high through no fault of her own? According to her own school headmaster, he wasn’t aware she was a female until grade 11. He stated that she always played rough, played soccer with the boys, and never wore a dress to school. Can you blame the officials in track & field for questioning her gender? 

     Her father states that there is no question–he raised her–she’s Daddy’s little girl. So you would think he would know. Either way, that’s gotta kinda be a bummer. Yo just win the world championships in your event and quite possibly have the best race of your life on the best day of your life. 

     Then they ask you to pee into a cup, er, well, uh…something like that. What if she were a white girl from the U.S.?