(Video) University of Louisville Bound Justin Coleman Dunks Soccer Kick

(Video) University of Louisville Bound Senior Justin Coleman Makes Incredible Dunk

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Justin Coleman, a 6′4″ senior bound for the University of Louisville, makes an incredible slam dunk of this soccer kick move. You really have to see this…How does this compare to Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls and his old hops? You may recall the coach of Louisville is Rick Pitino. Several months back we helped break a story about his off-court relationship with Karen Sypher. At the time, the school’s administration stood behind Pitino 100 percent. You have to wonder if the subject ever comes up when he meets recruits. I think you also have to wonder about an athletic department that stands behind that sort of conduct. If I was a parent, I’d ask about it just to get his response. I never made it to any of the Louisville games, but you have to wonder if any opposing fans ever implemented the Karen Syyyyyypher chant…? Anyway, the Karen Sypher story shouldn’t take anything away from this incredible dunk.

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Louisville Coach Rick Pitino Stands Ground-Jurich,Ramsey Support Him “One Million Percent.”

     If you’d like to email the leadership at the University of Louisville, I’ll gladly post their email at the end of this post, but a couple of things first.

     In an announcement today, University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino apologized to his family, the school, his players and fans. Evidently, the administration is supporting his decision to stay on. I’m wonder why school president James Ramsey and athletic director Tom Jurich are supporting him. At what point does a coach become a disgrace and need to be let go? Is this the first and only time this has happened? Is there any other woman that might come forward? If there was another woman, other than Karen Sypher, would that be enough to let Pitino go? Does he have to kill someone first to get fired? 

     This isn’t about buying out his contract, it’s about doing the right thing. On the school’s website at UL, the president posts a message about accountability. Who is Pitino accountable to for getting drunk and boofing the 49 year old former model? Give me a break. The man has everything, gets paid millions of dollars, and then goes and does something stupid like this. Forget about the coaching, do what’s right.

     If Pitino took some time off, he might actually be able to make amends with his wife and 5 kids–geesh, does he feel sorry for them at all? In fact, he could probably land some posh analyst job on TV, gain popularity, and come out smelling better than a rose. He could probably even write another best-selling book about the whole thing and make even more money. The school would actually be doing him a favor by firing.

     I can’t believe the state of Kentucky is that desperate for a basketball coach–how humiliating–get a man with a little bit more character for pete’s sake. Eh, we don’t care you cheated on your wife at some bar and she tried to extort millions, just go win us some games coach–wink,wink. The sad part is that it seems the athletic director Tom Jurich and president James Ramsey fully support him. How can the alumni, fans and state of Kentucky stand for this? If Tubby Smith would have done this sort of thing do you think he’d still be around? Guess it doesn’t matter as long as you’re winning games.

     A couple of hysterically laughable side notes:

* The equipment manager, Tim Sypher, ended up marrying Karen, the woman Pitino had sex with. Ew, but Karen and Tim are now “estranged.” Tim Sypher is listed on the UL website as their equipment manager. That seems a bit awkward. He’s seems like a casualty in the whole thing.

* The president of Louisville, James Ramsey, stated on UL’s website, “We hope this closes this chapter, we’re all ready to move on.” James, wake up dude, the story is just getting started. Do you live in one of those Mammoth caves in Kentucky? What a spineless man for not firing Pitino, You can email the good Dr. Ramsey at ramsey@louisville.edu .

*The athletic director Tom Jurich stated “I’m a million percent behind him.” That a boy Tom, way to support the cheating bastard. Don’t actually condemn his actions or anything. You can email this wizard at m.jurich@louisville.edu .

*Finally, I think Pitino disgraces the school and the state by not stepping down. His email address sounds like it actually goes to his assistant Tatum. You’ll recall Tatum was the guy in the restaurant hiding on the floor that heard the consensual sex. Hey, I don’t make this stuff up. So to email Pitino, you have to go through his assistant–the guy that can vouch that Pitino didnt rape the woman. If this weren’t so sad it would almost be funny. His email address (Pitino’s) is v.tatum@louisville.edu .

Karen Sypher

Karen Sypher

Yah, I know what you’re thinkin’…surely Pitino could do better than this. But hey, give him a break, he had his beer goggles on.


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(Photo of Karen Sypher) Rick Pitino Admits Consensual Sex With Karen Cunagin Sypher: Should Louisville Let Him Go?

     Wow, I am stunned. Rick Pitino, famed University of Louisville and former UK Wildcat basketball coach, admits to having consensual sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher, a 49 year old former model. Sypher is charged with attempting to extort Pitino of money. Allegedly, Sypher, with the help of a friend, attempted to extort from Pitino 2 cars, have her mortgage paid off, her kids collged education paid for, and $3000 per month. This all stems from a meeting Pitino had with the woman in 2003 at a Louisville restaurant. Syper, in response to the refusal by Pitino to meet her demands, alleged she had been raped twice by him. The police apparently are not going to bring any rape charges against Pitino after hearing the Sypers side of the story.

     If this wasn’t dramatic enough. Pitno has 5 children. According to reports, on Aug. 1st of 2003, there was a get together at Porcini restaurant to celebrate the hiring of former NBA player now assistant coach Reggie Theus. Pitino’s version of the story is that after the get together and the restaurant was closed, the 2 had consensual sex. Two weeks later, Sypher calls him and tells Pitino she’s pregnant. Pitino tell her to meet him at the condo of then strength coach Tim Sypher. Later, to add an even more bizarre twist, Tim Syper ended up marrying Karen Cunagin (Sypher), although they are now divorced. Pitino told her that he would require a blood test to make sure it was his if she was going to have it. Sypher decided to have an abortion for $3000 which Pitino ended up paying for.

     Sypher’s version of the story is that she was raped at Porcini’s restaurant. Although Pitino thought the restaurant was empty at the time, however Pitino aide Tatum was evidently laying on the floor and heard the incident and said he thought it sounded like consensual sex. Syper also alleged she was raped at the condo meeting. However, these allegations didn’t come out until 2 weeks after Syper was charged with extortion.

     U of L athletic director Tom Jurich said that he felt Pitino had been truthful in the process and that he and the university stand behind him. While this is very unfortunate for all invloved, most notably the kids, it’s too bad that all the big players don’t take any stand or aren’t held accountable. I never liked UK basketball just because their fans were so obnoxious. Now, I’m going to have to start disliking UL. After the way they treated Crum, who may have had a sketchy personal side anyway, and now their SUPPORT of Pitino, what’s to like about them? Sure, Sypher was just trying to take Pitino for all he was worth. But Pitino had it all. Great job, good program, great family, then he pulls a stupid stunt like this–and supports an abortion on top of that. Isn’t he Catholic? If U of L doen’t let Pitino go, and they may not, they have some serious moral issues. Pitino is/was a great coach. Heck, I liked his attitude. But it really only takes one mistake like this to lose all credibility. How can he look any high school kid or college player in the eye now? Sure people make mistakes. But if you’re going to make mistakes this big, get into another business where you don’t have to serve as a role model for kids, have parents depend on you to coach and guide their son, and where an entire state looks to you for representation. Whether U of L supports him or not, Pitino should go. Heck, broadcasting for a year might even increase his celebrity status. He could even write a book and make more money than he would coaching. What a world we live in…..


Karen Sypher

Karen Sypher