Barack Obama Holds First Beer Summit With Henry Louis Gates At Whitehouse

In perhaps the first of it’s kind, Barack Obama will host the first beer summit at the Whitehouse. Don’t hold your breath waiting for your invitation, only Henry Gates and the Cambridge police officer that arrested him are invited. But, what beer will they be drinking?

According to the Whitehouse and CNN, Obama will be drinking Bud Light, the police officer will have Blue Moon, and Red Stripe for Gates. However, some local state representatives urged the president not to drink Budweiser as it’s owned by a Belgian company. They were also discouraged from serving Miller or Coors which are owned by UK companies. 

Instead, locals have suggested the Boston, U.S. owned Sam Adams be served. When asked, Sam Adams founder Jim Koch stated that he would be delighted to serve his beer there. In fact, he even offered to brew a special beer just for the get together.

So what do you think? Sam Adams or Bud Light???

(Photo) Barack Obama Appoints Monica Lewinsky As Intern; Michelle, Bill & Hilary Surprised

In a stunning development, Barack Obama has appointed Monica Lewinsky as intern. Some of you may remember her from her run-ins with former president Bill Clinton. If you aren’t familiar with the story, let’s just say that Bill and Monica became “close.” In fact, it almost cost Clinton his presidency for lying to a grand jury. 

You would think that would be enough to get Obama to steer clear her. Surely Barack’s wife Michelle or Hilary told him not to bring Lewinsky in. If not, what were they thinking? Maybe Barack is doing it to shift the focus off the government option of his healthcare plan so he can push it through. You would think the whitehouse would have learned their lesson in dealing with Lewinsky the first time…or not.

What could Lewinsky bring to the table as an intern other than the obvious? Who knows. But once the main stream press gets ahold of this–watch out. Because then the focus will shift aware from healthcare and onto Lewinsky. And Lewinsky got more than her fair share of attention in the last go around. So maybe this isn’t such a bad idea for Obama to finally get his healthcare through. Maybe that’s also why Hilary could never get any healthcare reform done as well. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, click here to see a photo of the swearing in ceremony.