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SEO Elite Software – Brad Callan’s SEO Software Is Like Michael Jackson’s Thriller In The SEO World, It Never Stops Selling!

Ok, so this is where I used to have a product review of Brad Callon’s SEO Elite Software. However, what I didn’t realize at the time, was that doesn’t like ads–doom on me. So they actually replace all my links to Brad’s product with a link of their own that basically said advertising is a no-no and I need to cool my jets. Actually, they were really cool about it all things considered. They could have slapped my little blogging butt and shut my whole webpage down. Thank your for being so generous–seriously.
They really were probably doing me a favor. My initial plan was to slap up as many affiliate links and product reviews as possible and yell “Buy This” as loud as I could over the internet. That’s what Twitter is for actually–and my Twitter smack down is another story.
Anyway, back to Brad Callon, or Callen, not sure how you spell it really. I think he’s from Indiana–and so is my brother-in-law, which is how I learned about him. My brother-in-law recommended him and he actually knows stuff about site building and computers. Don’t worry, I know this sounds like a product endoresment–but stay with me–I promise it will be worth it.
So, I never actually used his SEO product. I have never sold any of them either. I’ve actually come to my own conclusions about SEO–search engine optimization. The next part is the part you want to actually read and pay attention to.
A lot of people want to get on the internet, slap up a website, wave a magic wand, rise to the number #1 ranking on Google, then sit back with their feet up on a desk smoking a cigar as the money rolls in. I did too. And still do really…but read on.
If you want to rank #1 on Google for “make money online.” Good luck. Remember you read this and shoot me an email and let me know how you did it when you get there. It’s obviously not impossible because someone is doing it. But that’s not me. There’s too much competition there–that’s just how I roll. Is “that’s how I roll” lame?
One day I posted an article about Michael Jackson’s chef. I got like 2000 hits in one day. it was total luck. I stayed up until like 2am. The news came out on one site. I wrote my own article, posted it on my blog, and put a couple links in Twitter. I got like 25-50 hits before I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and the hits just kept on continuing. I had a long-tailed title–something like “Michael Jackson’s Chef Recalls Last Days”. My blog was brand new and had a number one Google rank for that search phrase.
Well, the other big news agencies began to pick up the story–like ABC, Fox, etc–so my new blog soon slid down the Google pages. Don’t get me wrong, if you can get a #1 rank for “make money online”, it would certainly be worth it. But if you check that listing out, chances are they are selling get-rich-quick stuff. You will sell some stuff–but you really aren’t building a brand.
If you want to create a monopoly, or go where there is little competition, create your own brand. Look at Google,Yahoo, Bing–what the heck do those words mean? Where did they get them from? But now they are household names because they Branded them so well.
Take a look at Tweetgamon or do a Google search on it. My website is on the first page of Google. I spent almost zero time getting it there. My Twitter tweetgamon screen name also pops up on the first page. But here is the catch: no one is searching for Tweetgamon–therefore I will receive no organic (free) traffic–yet. I do want free traffic, but for my own brand, that I’ve built, that will have long term staying power.
If the power of this strategy hasn’t hit home, read over the last few paragraphs a couple times. If you want to go for the quick buck, then you don’t need me. You would do better researching Blackhat techniques.
If you want to build a brand, that people trust, will come back to, and seek out, then you may want to consider the above advice.
Some guys charge a lot of money for what I just told you. For now, it’s yours for free. That’s just how I roll sometimes. Kudos to Russell Brunson–he gives away more stuff for free than a lot guys charge money for.
Please comment or shoot me an email or link to my site in lieu of money 🙂

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