Uk Kentucky Wildcat Fans Chant To UL Louisville Coach Rick Pitino: Karrreennnn Syyyypphheeerrrr

     Pitino should step down. Just read the above title: Kentucky Wildcat Fans to Louisville coach Rick Pitino- Karrreeennn Syyyypherrr. Can you hear them now? Fortunately for Pitino, they will host UK at their place this year. But what about the other teams? Notre Dame, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse. Do you think their fans will be sympathetic?

   “Ovverr-Ratteedd” will be a chant Pitino wishes he was hearing instead of some of the chants students will be able to dream up. Some of the chants are nasty enough, but now students will be able to take things to a whole new level. Forget about playing basketball. What should the commentators say when these chants come up? More embarrassment for the school. President James Ramsey said that it was time to put this behind them–but that is just wishful thinking. Students at the schools Louisville plays are not going to let this die. What odes Ramsey think is going to happen? The co-eds will politely ignore the issues of the past and sweep them under the rug? Yah right. Ramsey and athletic director Tom Jurich need to come out of those Kentucky caves they must be hiding in. I’ve already seen several articles from Kentucky newspapers calling for Pitino to resign. Why should he stay? What does he have to prove? Shouldn’t he be spending more time with his family at this point?

     And the media. After a big win at Pitt, where the fans will shout their infamous “Karrreennn Syyypherr” chant, should the reporter that interviews him just ignore that fact? Is Pitino going to respond that he just wants to move forward? I used to like Pitino. I don’t hate him. He will come out ok sooner or later anyway. But this guy was pretty much built up to deity status. When that happens, people are wringing their hands waiting for you to stumble or fail. Pitino has definitely stumbled. Why would he even consider subjecting his wife and family to further harassment and embarrassment? Now he’s just starting to look like a pompous idiot. Who does he think he is? Pitino, my goodness, for the sake of your family, step down.

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino Stands Ground-Jurich,Ramsey Support Him “One Million Percent.”

     If you’d like to email the leadership at the University of Louisville, I’ll gladly post their email at the end of this post, but a couple of things first.

     In an announcement today, University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino apologized to his family, the school, his players and fans. Evidently, the administration is supporting his decision to stay on. I’m wonder why school president James Ramsey and athletic director Tom Jurich are supporting him. At what point does a coach become a disgrace and need to be let go? Is this the first and only time this has happened? Is there any other woman that might come forward? If there was another woman, other than Karen Sypher, would that be enough to let Pitino go? Does he have to kill someone first to get fired? 

     This isn’t about buying out his contract, it’s about doing the right thing. On the school’s website at UL, the president posts a message about accountability. Who is Pitino accountable to for getting drunk and boofing the 49 year old former model? Give me a break. The man has everything, gets paid millions of dollars, and then goes and does something stupid like this. Forget about the coaching, do what’s right.

     If Pitino took some time off, he might actually be able to make amends with his wife and 5 kids–geesh, does he feel sorry for them at all? In fact, he could probably land some posh analyst job on TV, gain popularity, and come out smelling better than a rose. He could probably even write another best-selling book about the whole thing and make even more money. The school would actually be doing him a favor by firing.

     I can’t believe the state of Kentucky is that desperate for a basketball coach–how humiliating–get a man with a little bit more character for pete’s sake. Eh, we don’t care you cheated on your wife at some bar and she tried to extort millions, just go win us some games coach–wink,wink. The sad part is that it seems the athletic director Tom Jurich and president James Ramsey fully support him. How can the alumni, fans and state of Kentucky stand for this? If Tubby Smith would have done this sort of thing do you think he’d still be around? Guess it doesn’t matter as long as you’re winning games.

     A couple of hysterically laughable side notes:

* The equipment manager, Tim Sypher, ended up marrying Karen, the woman Pitino had sex with. Ew, but Karen and Tim are now “estranged.” Tim Sypher is listed on the UL website as their equipment manager. That seems a bit awkward. He’s seems like a casualty in the whole thing.

* The president of Louisville, James Ramsey, stated on UL’s website, “We hope this closes this chapter, we’re all ready to move on.” James, wake up dude, the story is just getting started. Do you live in one of those Mammoth caves in Kentucky? What a spineless man for not firing Pitino, You can email the good Dr. Ramsey at .

*The athletic director Tom Jurich stated “I’m a million percent behind him.” That a boy Tom, way to support the cheating bastard. Don’t actually condemn his actions or anything. You can email this wizard at .

*Finally, I think Pitino disgraces the school and the state by not stepping down. His email address sounds like it actually goes to his assistant Tatum. You’ll recall Tatum was the guy in the restaurant hiding on the floor that heard the consensual sex. Hey, I don’t make this stuff up. So to email Pitino, you have to go through his assistant–the guy that can vouch that Pitino didnt rape the woman. If this weren’t so sad it would almost be funny. His email address (Pitino’s) is .

Karen Sypher

Karen Sypher

Yah, I know what you’re thinkin’…surely Pitino could do better than this. But hey, give him a break, he had his beer goggles on.


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